Episode 15: What you need to know about the brain and our virtual work environments

Please join us for our next podcast featuring Chris Kello Interim Vice Provost and Graduate Dean at UC Merced and Mary Hegarty a Professor and Associate Dean at UC Santa Barbara. Chris has over 100 publications across a variety of fields and research communities, with a broad emphasis on interdisciplinary studies of human behavior. Mary’s research is on spatial thinking in complex activities such as comprehension, reasoning, problem-solving, and navigation.

This week’s topic includes a brief conversation on virtual and remote working and the impact on the brain. It also includes further discussions on their roles at each respective organization and what they are working on as part of Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP), which is focused on increasing diversity specifically on Hispanics and PhDs to provide the necessary support for further professional advancement. It’s a collaborative project with the UC and Cal State schools.