Episode 10: Conscious Capital: Social Ventures as part of The Resolution Project

 The Resolution Project was started in 2007.  The non-profit organization is geared towards empowering and developing socially responsible young leaders.  These individuals want to make a positive impact on their immediate communities. Join us to talk about the organization and the amazing ventures young leaders are putting together in the face of adversity.  For example […]

Episode 9: Global Community: Pandemic and Gender Equality in Japan

I had the opportunity to talk and learn from Kaori Sasaki who is instrumental in demonstrating the power, knowledge and strength of the global community. Kaori is a phenomenal entrepreneur, innovator, leader and CEO of two companies, Unicul International Inc. and ewomen, Inc.  Kaori has sat on corporate boards of many large public corporate companies […]

Episode 8: BanQu forever changes an individual’s financial and economic identity

Do you know what it is like to not have an easily identifiable economic transaction history of purchases and sales to live?  Did you know having a credit report is the difference between economic equality and economic inequality?  For many individuals around the globe, there is no economic record of their economic history or transactional […]