Episode 13: Mental health takes priority amidst pandemic: Bringing music therapy into the home

Traci talks with Roz Huang, CEO/Co-Founder of Athena Music & Wellness Therapy and CEO of Dandelion Global, and Angelo Molino, co-founder of Athena Music & Wellness Therapy and early-childhood music educator, about the mission behind their music and their new app, TuneWell. TuneWell provides clinically proven music therapy songs, videos, and exercises to improve mental […]

Episode 12: What can data do for you? The Mark may have the answers.

Do you know what it’s like to manage an organization and not have clarity around decision-making? To be impacted by external factors on a consistent basis and unable to make sense of it? Do you feel like you’re implementing technology or looking at a lot of data or statistics but getting the sense you don’t […]