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Every person is overwhelmed, overworked, and stressed out by constant and ongoing change. 

As individuals it seems like as soon as we have completed or achieved one task, there is another one to complete. We are all wondering if each of us is achieving results or what type of impact our work is having within our organization, across your organization, and external to our organization? We’re starting to question the impact and contribution our work has on others and the results that are achieved (or not achieved) as a result of those efforts.

What if The Mark could help solve all of the above with The Mark’s systems-based  data evaluation framework?  Let The Mark help you make sure every effort of your work is measured and focuses upon specific short term, mid-term, and long term outcomes, not output.  This way you are clear on what is achieved and the impact it has on others both internal and external to the organization. 

At The Mark, our team is passionate about working with you to identify, analyze, and understand data so you can confidently make meaningful, informed decisions—saving time/money and also helping to alleviate the anxiety of wondering what and where all your hard work means or where it is going.

Discover the Data Framework That Provides Clarity and Fits your Organization – We’ll Show You How

Are you focusing on the right outcomes?

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Too often, organizations focus on outputs, not the outcomes. That is, we often focus upon what was done (i.e., an output), but not what real, practical change actually occurred to benefit someone (i.e., an outcome).

In this free workshop that was originally geared towards nonprofits, but can be used for the basis of any systems-based evaluation within an organization. It is the foundation of any data framework focused on impact reporting, and you’ll learn the difference between outputs and outcomes, when each matters, and how to (accurately) measure them for most impactful results.

Can You Tell The Difference Between an Output and an Outcome?

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Are you focusing on the right outcomes?

Join Our Instant Webinar

Too often, organizations – like yours – focus on the outputs of their programs, not the outcomes. That is, programs can prove what was done (i.e., an output), but not what real, practical change actually occurred to a stakeholder or constituent level (i.e., an outcome).

In this free workshop, you’ll learn the difference between outputs and outcomes, when each matters, and how to (accurately) measure them for most impactful results.

Can You Tell The Difference Between an Output and an Outcome?

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Research for the sake of research solves nothing for no one.

We’ll help you apply research and share your impact with others by communicating the results in ways they understand.

The Mark’s unique approach blends rigorous academic research practices with commercial sector business experience, helping organizations that seek transformational change to analyze data, and implement an evaluation framework to discover what truly matters.

We’ll Be Your Guide to Drive Meaningful Change Using Data

The Mark creates and supports courageous leaders who are daring enough to confront the obvious or the status quo, to uncover deeper truths that drive profitable change and helps to affect communities in a more positive way than was ever imagined possible. With your data you’ll be able to see who you have had an impact on and who you need to have an impact on in the future.

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The Research and Evaluation Partner Your Organization Deserves

Meet The Mark

We are invested in our clients as partners. Through this collaboration, our work helps our clients achieve financial growth and opens doors to not only new funding opportunities, but we help organizations and communities of people live their better lives.  

It’s the reason why we focus on education, government, nonprofits (community based organizations), and commercial businesses.  At the heart and center of all of them is the individual and community participation, working towards a better life for all. 

Evaluation is an important tool that is used to demonstrate the results of research or teaching programs. It is used to demonstrate contributions and the progress of such to key stakeholders that decide whether to fund or continue to fund work. At The Mark, we walk alongside our clients as the evaluation partner, providing individuals with an evaluation plan that systematically maps out our clear methodological approach for collecting, analyzing, and using information or data to answer critical questions about program achievements. It is our primary objective to those we serve to not only get funded, but continue to obtain consistent ongoing sustainable funding that elevates the results of your work.  

Additionally, we like to work with institutions that are seeking better ways to implement a systems based evaluation approach that is not only more cost effective but results oriented.  The systems based framework accounts for shared commonalities across different functional roles to achieve better alignment and coordination within an organization with validated and measured results.  Thus different functions within an organization are working together compared to each working on its own and potentially causing friction amongst different roles without intending to do such. 

In today’s nonprofit environment, funders, foundations, and donors all want to support programs that can demonstrate impact. It isn’t only about where money is going or how it is being used, it is about who it is benefiting and how it has changed that individual’s life.  Along with this desire comes more measurement and reporting requirements intended to paint a picture of program outcomes. While stories and anecdotes can evoke an emotional connection and give a human face to your success, for the maximum effect, they need to be backed by concrete data. This is how nonprofit organizations can demonstrate how the results and impact they achieve is distinct from the next organization so when donors need to decide between contributing money to one compared to another there are clear parameters around defining impact reporting.

The Mark has deep expertise in helping businesses operate more effectively, efficiently, and profitably. We help provide the data framework that helps individuals easily implement and apply data to every day decision-making.  We come up with a comprehensive data strategy that focuses on outcomes, not output. From there, we help you implement the data strategy with the proper data tools that measure and demonstrate the social returns of your invested resources, so you can properly deploy resources where they are needed most and achieve maximum results.  Additionally, we help you understand what is the root cause of decision-making so that you make better decisions.  This includes a deeper understanding of market opportunities or consumer insights. 

We contract directly and indirectly with government agencies – not only helping to share specific work from different projects with the government to assist in decision-making or evidence-based policymaking, but also to help improve and advance program evaluation based upon evaluation methodologies.  This involves getting more involved in both data and technology, while helping to protect data sources.  It also involves cross-sector input and advice. All with the intent of helping to solve agency missions and goals that benefit the public and our immediate communities.  

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The Mark is an applied research and evaluation firm with evaluators, who have private and social sector experience, that serves multi-disciplined organizations and programs that are focused upon transforming underserved individuals and communities.


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