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Each individual is grappling with a constant stream of change that often causes stakeholders to question whether or not there is a consistent, effective, solution.  We start to question the effectiveness of our efforts, pondering the influence our work exerts within, beyond, and outside our organization. We’re left wondering about the tangible impact and contribution our endeavors make on others, as well as the outcomes – what change was achieved? – as a result of our actions.
Imagine if The Mark’s systems-based data evaluation framework™ could address all these concerns. Let The Mark guide you to ensure that every endeavor is assessed and measured with a specific focus on short-term, mid-term, and long-term outcomes, rather than mere output. This approach provides clarity on what has been accomplished and the influence it wields on both internal and external stakeholders.
At The Mark, our team is fervently committed to collaborating with you in discerning, analyzing, and comprehending data, enabling you to make well-informed, impactful decisions. This not only saves time and resources but also alleviates the anxiety of questioning the significance and direction of your hard work.
Far too often, organizations emphasize outputs, neglecting the actual outcomes. We tend to fixate on what was done (the output) rather than the practical, tangible change that truly benefits someone (the outcome).

Are you focusing on the right outcomes?

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In this complimentary workshop, originally tailored for nonprofits but adaptable for any systems-based evaluation within an organization, you will gain insight into the bedrock of impact reporting: the distinction between outputs and outcomes, when each is relevant, and how to accurately measure them for the most meaningful results.

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Are you focusing on the right outcomes?

Join Our Instant Webinar

Too often, organizations – like yours – focus on the outputs of their programs, not the outcomes. That is, programs can prove what was done (i.e., an output), but not what real, practical change actually occurred to a stakeholder or constituent level (i.e., an outcome).

In this free workshop, you’ll learn the difference between outputs and outcomes, when each matters, and how to (accurately) measure them for most impactful results.

Can You Tell The Difference Between an Output and an Outcome?

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We'll assist you in applying your research and effectively communicating its impact to others in a manner that resonates with them.

The Mark employs a distinctive method that combines rigorous academic research methodologies with practical business expertise from the commercial sector. This approach aids organizations aiming for transformative change by enabling them to analyze data and implement an evaluation framework to uncover what truly holds significance.

Allow us to lead you in effecting meaningful change through the power of data.

The Mark cultivates and empowers bold leaders who have the courage to challenge the obvious and the status quo, delving into deeper truths that foster profitable transformation and positively influence communities in ways previously unimaginable. With your data, you'll gain insights into the individuals you've already impacted and those you aspire to influence in the future.

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The Mark is a research and evaluation firm that specializes in applied methods, staffed with evaluators who bring experience from both private and social sectors. We cater to multi-disciplinary organizations and programs dedicated to the transformation of underserved individuals and communities.


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Develop exemplary evaluation plans and data frameworks.

Create instruments aligned with project goals and activities.

Collectmanage, and analyze quantitative and qualitative data.

Report key findings and action-oriented recommendations.

Communicate results to diverse audiences in a user-friendly manner that all stakeholders understand.




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