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Yet most people start to gather data by asking random questions.  Those same individuals get inundated with information that over time doesn’t seem to achieve much or make sense except to frustrate decision-makers. All because there is no thought out process or framework for data gathering. Are you afraid of wasting time or lacking clarity?  Do you need to prove to different parties that you  achieve results? Don’t haphazardly gather data.  Let us help assess what you truly want to achieve to multiple stakeholders, and provide you with an integrated scalable data evaluation framework that provides clarity. We provide a methodology that helps you validate results and identify gaps to different parties.  This translates to better decision-making over and over again.

What we do.

The Mark Standard

The Mark is an applied research and evaluation firm with evaluators, who have private and social sector experience, to serve multi-disciplined organizations and programs that are focused upon transforming underserved individuals and communities.

Develop exemplary evaluation plans and data frameworks.

Create instruments aligned with project goals and activities.

Collectmanage, and analyze quantitative and qualitative data.

Report key findings and action-oriented recommendations.

Communicate results to diverse audiences in a user-friendly manner that all stakeholders understand.

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Our Clients

We are invested in our clients as partners. Through collaboration, our work catalyzes financial sustainability and opens doors to new funding networks.

Evaluation is an important tool that you and educational institutions use to ensure demonstrates the results of your work. It is used to demonstrate your contributions and the progress of such to key stakeholders that decide whether to fund or continue to fund your work. At The Mark, we walk alongside you as an evaluation partner, providing you with an evaluation plan that systematically maps out our clear methodological approach for collecting, analyzing, and using information or data to answer critical questions about your program. It is our primary objective to help you not only get funded, but continue to obtain consistent ongoing sustainable funding that elevates the results of your work.

In today’s non-profit environment, funders, foundations, and donors all want to support programs that can demonstrate impact. Along with this desire comes more measurement and reporting requirements intended to paint a picture of program outcomes. While stories and anecdotes can evoke an emotional connection and give a human face to your success, for the maximum effect, they need to be backed by concrete data.

The Mark has deep expertise in helping businesses operate more effectively, efficiently, and profitably. We help provide the data framework that helps individuals easily implement and apply data to every day decision-making.  We come up with a comprehensive data strategy that focuses on outcomes not output.  From there we help you implement the data strategy with the proper data tools that measure and demonstrate the social returns of your invested resources so you can properly deploy resources where they are needed most and achieve maximum results.

We contract directly and indirectly with government agencies, helping to share specific work from different projects with the government to assist in decision-making but also help improve and advance evidence-based decision-making based upon evaluation methodologies.  This involves getting more involved in data and technology, and helping to protect data sources.  It also involves cross-sector input and advice.

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Outcomes vs. Outputs and the difference between each of them yet both are typically characterized together as “results”. You will understand the difference between an output and an outcome so that you can demonstrate measurable results and evaluate your work. This is the first step to understanding how to best use data to achieve measurable results.

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