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We are invested in our clients as partners. Through collaboration, our work over time helps others achieve financial sustainability. Our work also opens doors to new funding networks as our partners’ ability to self-evaluate increases. 

Here are some common questions we get asked. Please also drop us an email or contact us via our social media platforms on LinkedIn or Facebook. We look forward to speaking with you!

Yes, we can help organizations of all sizes and from all different backgrounds or familiarity with data. Some organizations who have data, some that don’t. Some organizations that are overwhelmed by data collection, and others who don’t know where to start.

Yes, we are able to help your nonprofit outside of the United States. In fact we’ve helped nonprofit organizations anywhere including Africa and Asia.

Yes, we can provide a list of government agencies and organizations upon request.

Schedule a call with us and learn how data but specifically evaluation can help you to use and understand what things you are doing right and what gaps exist in decision-making. Use our work to validate results and justify your need for money and other resources. Use the data and evaluation work to evaluate all aspects of an organization from fundraising to marketing to finance to strategy to sales or customers to donor relations. It doesn’t matter what organization or who you are, evaluation is a valuable tool to justify the non-financial return on investment.

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Start with a data-driven and data-centric organization that provides clarity around decision making and results. Download the sheet that provides you with three initial things to do.