Episode 29: MARC U STAR enhancing undergraduate students in research related fields

Traci is joined by Rebecca Brown, Administrative Director, for the MARC U STAR (Maximizing Access to Research Careers – Undergraduate Student Training in Academic Research) Program on today’s podcast. The MARC U STAR Program is an undergraduate program that helps underrepresented students gain research experience and helps them move into their undergraduate degree after graduating […]

Episode 28: Helping People To Help Themselves

Traci talks with LaVal Brewer, President and CEO of South County Outreach (SCO) on today’s podcast.  SCO’s core mission is to prevent hunger and homelessness by helping people help themselves.  SCO’s focus is love and help from the community not on the social stigmatism associated with needing help.  SCO addresses resource food desert situations where food is needed in areas that socioeconomically would not […]

Episode 26: Astronomy careers are not only for NASA and Teaching

Dr. Xinnan Du, Program Manager and Outreach Director in research in physics and astronomy from UCR, talks with Traci on today’s podcast. She talks about her involvement in the educational outreach program which encourages students to pursue higher education in STEM fields, including astronomy. Xinnan provides examples of careers that are related to astronomy and […]