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Learn About the Data That Truly Matter to Your Bottom Line With The Mark USA

So many businesses collect information and data with the belief that “more is better.” Others rely on anonymous, automated tools to capture everything, regardless of end use or value.

The Mark USA believes that it’s what you know about the data you have – and how you use it – that matters most to your business’s operations and profitability, not how much you know or what tools you buy.

When you partner with The Mark USA, we learn more about your business’s specific goals while dissecting the baseline information you already have available.

Through this integrated and collaborative approach, we can implement a cross-functional, customized data framework approach to increase data literacy and help your business achieve the next level of success.

The Mark USA’s Unique Approach to Practical, Actionable Research for the Private Sector

The Mark USA’s unique approach blends rigorous academic research standards with private sector business experience, giving you and your business the data-backed insights you need to direct meaningful change throughout your organization.

Together, our team and research efforts empower courageous leaders at every business level to confront common assumptions and uncover the deeper truths which drive profitable change.

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Market Research:
Customer Surveys, Focus Groups, Interviews

Statistical Data Analysis and Performance Analytics

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Intuitive Reporting and Key Performance Indicator Dashboards

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Data Literacy: Group Training in Evaluation & Data Analytics

Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Community-based Participatory Research Methods, featuring Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive (DEI) approaches

Discover How Your Business Can Flourish When Partnered With The Mark USA

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Impact Evaluation of PROFIT Financial Graduation Pilots

BRAC USA | February 2017 | $148,366
Quasi-experimental impact evaluation of interventions intended to provide 2,600 Kenyan women and youth with livelihoods, assets and skills, and health education. Our evaluation team coordinated and collaborated across US- and Kenya-based organizations.
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West Virginia EPSCoR Track 1 Project – Sub-recipient

West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission | 2015 – 2021 | $353,895
Led external evaluation of NSF-funded EPSCoR Track 1 Project, to increase WV’s research infrastructure, improve education and workforce development, and increase diversity in STEM. Employed mixed methods approach, using surveys, interviews, and program tracking data to assess achievement of goals.
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NOAA Cooperative Science Center in Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology (NCAS-M) – Sub-recipient

Howard University | 2017-2021 | $570,000
With Howard University as PI, we led external evaluation of the NOAA NCAS-M project across 13 universities over 5 years. Deliverables included an evaluation plan, project logic model, data collection process & tool development, and formative and summative reports.

Meet Your Mark USA Team

Our innovative, 100% remote workplace features skilled evaluators experienced in both virtual and in-person collaboration – making The Mark USA a reliable, flexible partner during the COVID era and beyond.

As your agency collaborates with The Mark USA on its goals and benchmarks, you’ll meet many of our key evaluators, researchers, and analysts, including:

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Traci Shirachi, MBA


Traci earned an M.B.A. from Vanderbilt University. Traci is the CEO of The Mark USA, Inc. Traci is responsible for making key business decisions to increase The Mark’s abilities to address client needs. Traci works with all the evaluators within the organization to deliver quality client service. Traci has over 17 years of work experience with consulting companies of various sizes, including PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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Jessica Martone, Ph.D.

Director of Research and Evaluation

Dr. Martone earned a Ph.D. and her MSW from Loyola University Chicago’s School of Social Work. Dr. Martone was a research fellow and is currently a research affiliate for the Institute for Migration and International Social Work. Dr. Martone has been involved with immigration and education focused research projects.

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Adrienne Celaya, Ph.D.

Senior Evaluator 

Dr. Celaya holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Miami and an M.A. in Sociology and Graduate Certificate in Latino and Latin American Studies from Fordham University. She has a background in program implementation and evaluation of research-informed and evidenced-based community projects, as well as domestic violence and child welfare research.

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Noely Banos, MA

Assistant Director

Noely earned an M.A. in Experimental Psychology from Western Carolina University, with a focus in research design and statistics, and further graduate training in Applied Social and Community Psychology from North Carolina State University. Noely has extensive experience utilizing various research methods; including survey design, focus groups, experimental and quasi-experimental designs.

Rick Orlina, Ph.D.

Senior Evaluator

Rick holds a Ph.D. in Learning Sciences from the Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy, an MBA from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Evaluation from Claremont Graduate University. He has a demonstrated history of working in program evaluation and educational research. Skilled in social network analysis, quantitative and qualitative research methods, survey design, business development, and marketing. 

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