Episode 18: An urban school’s contribution to revitalization in today’s economy

Joining Traci for today’s podcast is  Dr. Shuvra Das, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Detroit Mercy.  Traci and Dr. Das address the school’s contribution to urban development for innovation and partnership as an academic institution in an urban city.  The discussion highlights urban and industrial revitalization as it relates to Detroit and its own economy especially within the U.S. automotive industries. As part of […]

Episode 17: Equity in Evaluation: Native American Populations and other Underrepresented Groups

This podcast, with The Mark’s CEO Traci Shirachi and Evaluation Associate Leanne Tortez, explores evaluation through an equity framework. They discuss some of the challenges and best practices when evaluating Native American populations and other underrepresented groups. They also talk about how we can begin to face our own individual biases and the importance of having a […]

Episode 16: Remote learning for hands-on university chemistry students

Jack F. Eichler, UCR Distinguished Teaching Professor and Associate Professor of Teaching in Chemistry (LSOE) joins Traci on today’s podcast. Topics of discussion include the difference between a teaching professor and a research professor.  They also speak about the reason why tuition costs still need to be maintained at research universities despite virtual learning.  Jack emphasizes the impact of remote learning […]