Episode 37: Family Homelessness with Elizabeth Andrade of Family Assistance Ministries

I had the pleasure of doing a podcast with Elizabeth Andrade, CEO of Family Assistance Ministries, talking about homelessness and food insecurity and pockets of poverty within South Orange County. Elizabeth describes her experience as CEO leading an organization that responded to a true crisis in 2020 as a result of COVID-19 and how they […]

Episode 9: Global Community: Pandemic and Gender Equality in Japan

I had the opportunity to talk and learn from Kaori Sasaki who is instrumental in demonstrating the power, knowledge and strength of the global community. Kaori is a phenomenal entrepreneur, innovator, leader and CEO of two companies, Unicul International Inc. and ewomen, Inc.  Kaori has sat on corporate boards of many large public corporate companies […]

Episode 1: Developing a Resilient Workforce: How Organizations Thrive in the Face of Adversity

Results matter! Driving Outcomes is your online source for the inspired solutions you need to address your most pressing leadership concerns and challenges. In each episode, we examine the very latest in today‚Äôs applied research and education, and how it impacts your business outcomes. Hear directly from the ground-breaking research scientists, data analysts and educational […]