Episode 5: Technology specifically for Non-Profits: Keela

Traci meets with Nejeed Kassam, CEO of Keela, and Samantha Lego, Director of Marketing, to learn more about what Keela can help do for non-profit organizations.  Nejeed and Samantha talk about how the integrated technology can help vastly improve donor fundraising and the additional resources available on Keela’s website.  Including discounted pricing arranged by Keel […]

Episode 3: Competitive Advantage of Data Analytics in Time of Uncertainty

Traci talks with Roe Rogers who has his own consulting practice.  Roe is a former McKinsey and Company, and KPMG consultant with over 15 years of experience working in supply chain and large amounts of data.  To follow up on the last episode on organizational agility,  Roe and Traci both discuss how data can help […]

Episode 2: The New Competitive Divide: Organizational Agility

In this podcast Traci talks with Mark Marone, Director of Research and Thought Leadership for Dale Carnegie, and Steve VerBurg, co-owner of Dale Carnegie of Orange County who has 25 years of leadership experience as coach and trainer, about Organizational Agility.  Together they all discuss agility as a follow up to Driving Outcomes prior podcast on workforce resilience […]

Episode 1: Developing a Resilient Workforce: How Organizations Thrive in the Face of Adversity

Results matter! Driving Outcomes is your online source for the inspired solutions you need to address your most pressing leadership concerns and challenges. In each episode, we examine the very latest in today’s applied research and education, and how it impacts your business outcomes. Hear directly from the ground-breaking research scientists, data analysts and educational […]