Episode 35: The Domino Effect of Data in Government and Public Service

In today’s podcast, we talk about how the federal government can utilize data to address the fiscal pressures it has encountered and how such data can be used to make better decisions surrounding what actions to take despite changes in leadership and administration over the last few years.For those that find data to be too […]

Episode 14: Staying informed using a digital data strategy and identifying key objectives

Traci and Isabelle discuss Isabelle’s collaborative approach to a strong digital strategy.  Particularly, the challenges and fears around data, framing the problem, and how to address solutions by listening to the story the data is telling. Isabelle is a strategic marketing leader with over 20 years of experience optimizing customer-centric digital transformation in healthcareand nonprofit management. As a […]

Episode 8: BanQu forever changes an individual’s financial and economic identity

Do you know what it is like to not have an easily identifiable economic transaction history of purchases and sales to live?  Did you know having a credit report is the difference between economic equality and economic inequality?  For many individuals around the globe, there is no economic record of their economic history or transactional […]

Episode 5: Technology specifically for Non-Profits: Keela

Traci meets with Nejeed Kassam, CEO of Keela, and Samantha Lego, Director of Marketing, to learn more about what Keela can help do for non-profit organizations.  Nejeed and Samantha talk about how the integrated technology can help vastly improve donor fundraising and the additional resources available on Keela’s website.  Including discounted pricing arranged by Keel […]

Episode 3: Competitive Advantage of Data Analytics in Time of Uncertainty

Traci talks with Roe Rogers who has his own consulting practice.  Roe is a former McKinsey and Company, and KPMG consultant with over 15 years of experience working in supply chain and large amounts of data.  To follow up on the last episode on organizational agility,  Roe and Traci both discuss how data can help […]