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The Mark USA, Inc. is a New Company

Irvine, California (October 22, 2019) — The Mark USA, Inc., (“The Mark”) is an evaluation and research company that measures outcomes for corporations, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions.  The Company is proud to announce its new company name as it is no longer known as SmartStart Evaluation and Research Inc.  With the new name is a whole new company vision and website ( as the organization heads into 2020.

“I am very pleased to launch our new evaluation company, otherwise known as The Mark, as a leading evaluation firm” said Traci Shirachi, MBA, CEO/President. “As an evaluation firm we are passionate about helping others better understand their organization’s results more in-depth because by doing so leaders in turn are making more impactful decisions that help individuals, in their community or as employees.  Our work provides an in-depth understanding to help make better informed decisions.  If you can’t measure something, you don’t know where you truly stand and if you don’t know where you truly stand, how do you know you’re headed in the right direction towards success?”  

Traci continues by saying “We all know if you can understand and make small incremental improvements in a few key areas of an organization, these changes can result in geometric growth which only benefits more people. Most evaluation companies do not focus upon transformational change that defines the impact each client makes. We’re out to change not only one’s understanding of evaluation but its use as THE tool that can truly help transform organization’s lives.”

The Mark decided to change its name because it was typically known only for its work in academia amongst educational institutions.  However, over the past year, the company has grown by expanding its evaluation services to those in the philanthropic world and in the last six months started to develop its own intellectual property around corporate evaluation.

As Traci says, “It’s an exciting time for us as a company, and we’re thrilled to be able to partner with others and embrace the continued changes that are taking place in 2019 and beyond. We’re having our launch party on November 7, 2019 from 5pm to 7pm at the Center Club and welcome individuals who are interested in learning more about us as a company to attend, and to reach out to me at”