Uncover new insights that improve your program and further your reach

In today’s non-profit environment, funders, foundations, and donors all want to support programs that can demonstrate impact. Along with this desire comes more measurement and reporting requirements intended to paint a picture of program outcomes. While stories and anecdotes can evoke an emotional connection and give a human face to your success, for the maximum effect, they need to be backed by concrete data.

That’s where evaluation comes in. Formative evaluation is a way of assessing who you serve, how you serve them, and how you can do it better. When you hire The Mark to partner with you in your discovery process, we do the research, analyze it, and empower you to figure out how to use the data to your benefit, which can ultimately increase your donor base, and transform your organization.


Formative evaluation can:

  • Uncover data that improve your effectiveness and positions you to communicate that your program resources are deployed where it matters most.
  • Arm you with key information that helps you attract donor capital and helps donors understand what makes you unique and effective at what you do.
  • Reveal critical information you can use to craft a story that highlights the true impact of your organization.
  • Build a program and make robust, data-driven program decisions, which, in turn, create improved outcomes for your organization and allows you to apply for more funding opportunities.
  • Tell you if your planning strategies are working and whether you need to adjust them.

Our highly experienced, doctorate-level evaluators can also help write the evaluation section of your proposal or work with your funder to fulfill the grant’s reporting requirements.

At The Mark, we are passionate about helping you make a difference, and through our evaluation process will partner with you to make a wider footprint in your community.