Episode 28: Helping People To Help Themselves

Traci talks with LaVal Brewer, President and CEO of South County Outreach (SCO) on today’s podcast.  SCO’s core mission is to prevent hunger and homelessness by helping people help themselves.  SCO’s focus is love and help from the community not on the social stigmatism associated with needing help.  SCO addresses resource food desert situations where food is needed in areas that socioeconomically would not […]

Episode 26: Astronomy careers are not only for NASA and Teaching

Dr. Xinnan Du, Program Manager and Outreach Director in research in physics and astronomy from UCR, talks with Traci on today’s podcast. She talks about her involvement in the educational outreach program which encourages students to pursue higher education in STEM fields, including astronomy. Xinnan provides examples of careers that are related to astronomy and […]

Episode 25: Unlocking Physics Beyond the Standard Model

Dongming Mei, Director, CUBED/Professor Physics at the University of South Dakota shares with Traci what the PIRE program is and his focus on nuclear research and dark matter as a multi-country collaboration. He further elaborates on the National Science Foundation’s interest in this research and how USD received a $4.35 million grant from NSF to […]

Episode 24: How Environment Can Tie to Culture

Steve Allison Associate Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology & Earth System Science and Courtney Hunt Academic Coordinator of UCI both join Traci on today’s podcast. With funding from the National Science Foundation, the Ridge 2 Reef graduate program tackles a wide range of ecological challenges for Orange County. Steve and Courtney discuss how environment ties […]

Episode 23: How to get involved in OC STEM

Leyla Riley is the Executive Director of the OC STEM Initiative, which is housed in the Henry Samueli School of Engineering at the University of California, Irvine. Leyla works to foster Orange County’s economic competitiveness and sustainability through promoting STEM competencies across the educational continuum through the creation of public-private partnerships between community stakeholders, including […]

Episode 22: What is Industrial Distribution and the 7 trillion dollar industry?

Bimal Nepal, Associate Professor in the Industrial Distribution Program at Texas A&M University, joins Traci on today’s podcast to discuss the $7 trillion industry. Dr. Nepal’s research interests cover a wide range of topics in industrial distribution and manufacturing. Those include: inventory management, lean six-sigma, pricing optimization, supplier management, transportation optimization, production and operations analysis, […]

Episode 21: Winning grant proposals and tips on how to getting funded!

Mike Gallo, Director, Research Development of the University of California, Irvine joins Traci on today’s podcast. Mike’s role at UCI is strategic in nature and he helps principal investigators (PIs) vet proposals that are likely to get funded. Mike discusses how competitive the research field has become now with limited availability of funds combined with […]

Episode 19: Microbiology in today’s industry

Wendy Schluchter, Ph.D. Professor and Chair from the University of New Orleans joins Traci on today’s podcast. During this podcast you will hear how Mardi Gras is being celebrated during this unusual time we are all experiencing, how it was celebrated this year and how it relates to Wendy’s New Orleans background. Wendy had the […]