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The Mark is a Southern California leader in evaluation, research, operational effectiveness, and process improvement consulting. Our expertise is laser-focused in the areas of analyzing, interpreting, and reporting data. We partner with you to quantify your impact and support you to make data-informed decisions that will improve your organization.

At The Mark, our core values are rooted in integrity and our commitment to the highest of standards that achieve world-class excellence and challenge the status quo. We are passionate about transforming your organization so that you can make an immediate and long-standing positive impact and make meaningful changes that affect future generations and entire communities.


Our name signifies our ongoing commitment to establishing excellence as a standard of work that achieves THE mark– the gold standard for our industry.

As a team, we are purposeful in ensuring that everything we do professionally and personally is an opportunity to give back; we strive to make meaningful changes based on informed decisions and building a life legacy.