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Episode 33: Individual Philanthropy: Finding One’s Significance and Purpose

On this week’s podcast, Traci is joined by Richard Ward, a Financial Planner, and Philanthropic leader. Richard has been helping people have better life for more than 30 years. Richard helps people give something to the community without putting their future at risk.

He said, once we grow older, we see our lives more clearly as mature individuals- we start to decide how to live our life. Richard added, “without a sense of purpose, we don’t grow and evolve”. Being a mature individual doesn’t really necessarily mean that you need to be 50+ to be called one but in general, that is typically the age. It is finding your purpose at a stage in life to be called a mature individual. We reach financial stability when we pay it forward to others. Richard believes that each of us has something to offer. In such ways, Richard helps people discover things that they could offer and be involved in any organization.

Richard’s perspective towards life is that there is philanthropy in all of us. We can give what we can give. Participating and contributing in the art of giving help us achieve better lives.

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