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Episode 31: Miracle for Kids helping families with critically ill children in times of need

Robyn Williams, Community Engagement Manager for Miracles for Kids joins Traci on today’s podcast.  Miracles for Kids is an organization that helps low-income families (who earn less than $23,000 a year) in Southern CA with a critically ill child for up to two years.  Miracles for Kids provides financial assistance towards rent, provides housing through Miracle Manor for those facing eviction, helps provide basic needs, and also offers free counseling and wellness programs.  Robyn shares testimonies of families that Miracle Manor has helped, the obstacles families face, and how the families they have helped pay it forward. Paying it forward involves parents who have come back to support other families or cases where Miracles for Kids has also helped families to advance economically by saving, so that they are also able to provide directly for their families in the future.  Thus Miracles for Kids not only provides support for critically ill children and their families, but overall support for families to sustain themselves in the future.


Nine months ago, 360 Miracles was launched.  360 Miracles is a group of women dedicated to changing peoples’ lives together.  If you know someone would like to get involved please go to 360miracle.org to learn more.  100% of your contribution will support families crumbling under the combined impact of their child’s critical illness, a devastated economy, and the effects of COVID-19.

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