Episode 29: MARC U STAR enhancing undergraduate students in research related fields

Traci is joined by Rebecca Brown, Administrative Director, for the MARC U STAR (Maximizing Access to Research Careers – Undergraduate Student Training in Academic Research) Program on today’s podcast. The MARC U STAR Program is an undergraduate program that helps underrepresented students gain research experience and helps them move into their undergraduate degree after graduating from UCR.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) federal agency funds the MARC U STAR program in an effort to enhance diversity in research-related fields. Rebecca explains that UCR is one of 60 programs that NIH funds. The purpose of the program is to encourage underrepresented students in the sciences to pursue graduate research and careers in the sciences. Student’s field of study that relate to human health can range from biochemist, mathematician, bioengineering, chemistry major, behavioral science, and microbiology.

Learn how students are identified for those that qualify and the different training programs offered to students. To learn more please visit www.marcu.ucr.edu.