Episode 28: Helping People To Help Themselves

Traci talks with LaVal Brewer, President and CEO of South County Outreach (SCO) on today’s podcast.  SCO’s core mission is to prevent hunger and homelessness by helping people help themselves.  SCO’s focus is love and help from the community not on the social stigmatism associated with needing help.  SCO addresses resource food desert situations where food is needed in areas that socioeconomically would not be expected but is a necessary resource to help individuals in need.  LaVal discusses with Traci how the pandemic changed SCO’s approach to how they servepeople with their food pantry and of the rebranding of the organization’s ultimate vision to help end hunger.

For individuals that want to help themselves SCO provides assistance with housing and food.  Additionally through SCO’s computer lab, the organization also enhances an individual’s skills to obtain job opportunities to be able to provide for themselves in the long term thus helping to put an end to hunger.