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Episode 12: What can data do for you? The Mark may have the answers.

Do you know what it’s like to manage an organization and not have clarity around decision-making? To be impacted by external factors on a consistent basis and unable to make sense of it? Do you feel like you’re implementing technology or looking at a lot of data or statistics but getting the sense you don’t know how or why you purchased the technology or why you’re feeling overwhelmed by data to begin with when it was supposed to bring clarity to decision-making?

If you’re like many individuals who fear or struggle with data, this podcast is for you. Data is King and especially right now as individuals talk more about data driven decision-making. What is that? How should you approach it in an easy, simple manner?

Join me as I interview The Mark’s Director of Evaluation and Research, Jessica Martone, who has a Ph D in sociology and long-standing experience working with organizations to use evaluation methodologies and learn/understand the fundamentals of data to avoid certain pitfalls.

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