Episode 8: BanQu forever changes an individual’s financial and economic identity

Do you know what it is like to not have an easily identifiable economic transaction history of purchases and sales to live?  Did you know having a credit report is the difference between economic equality and economic inequality?  For many individuals around the globe, there is no economic record of their economic history or transactional data.  BanQu helps individuals who provide materials that contribute to MNC supply chains with a business track record to win supply contracts, secure loans, and gain control over their finances.  BanQu is able to truly address gender inequality and poverty through sustainable finance all with the ease of sending a text message.  BanQu also helps large multinational corporations (“MNC”) cut supply chain costs and improve their social and environmental performance at a time when consumers want to buy green ethical products that help the environment and consumer.  As a company, BanQu, is being rewarded for doing the right thing as a start-up, and as an example of social enterprise in a short four years is predicted to achieve $3 to $4 million in revenue.