Episode 3: Competitive Advantage of Data Analytics in Time of Uncertainty

Traci talks with Roe Rogers who has his own consulting practice.  Roe is a former McKinsey and Company, and KPMG consultant with over 15 years of experience working in supply chain and large amounts of data.  To follow up on the last episode on organizational agility,  Roe and Traci both discuss how data can help leaders make clear, decisive, decisions especially as they face challenges with making simple quick decisions today.  Some of the questions asked are:
  • Who can benefit the most from data? Is it any one particular industry or type company?
  • Where should a leader start to incorporate data into their organization when there is so much to focus upon right now as a leader?
  • How or where should someone start if they are opposed to or fear quantitative information and data?
  • How can focusing on data help to reduce costs?